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Hello, my name is Camille and I’m a 26 y o French vegan rescuer in China, Shanghai.

I have spent 1 year being a full-time rescuer (often working 20h a day) and have saved dozens of new-born kitten, pure breeds from pet shops, pregnant cats etc. I now have a day job but continue to invest all my salary and free-time to rescuing as much as possible, I even starting fostering a dog as we are approaching the Yulin Dog Meat Torture Festival.

My last sets of rescuing are a litter of 4 orange kittens, and a litter of 2 grey kittens I rescued from an old woman who has a cat that roams in my compound who is not neutered and spreads Feline Parvo Virus (FPV). I have had both litter since they were 2 weeks old. They have already been to the vet the day of their rescue to treat their flu and eye infections, they then went back to be treated for FHV.

This week, Mermaid died very suddenly during my working hours, and her brother Unicorn was diagnosed with FPV. After 2 nights of hospitalisation and intensive care, he passed away too. Odin is the last of the orange kittens who has not been adopted yet. He is 3 months old and since he stayed in a mansion next to Unicorn, he was infected with FPV too. Luckily, his immune system is much stronger and the virus detected much earlier. He was hospitalised at the vet for 4 days and tightly monitored. The virus has attacked his intestines but he fought hard is is now back home for the rest of his recovery. However, he also caught ringworm which spread all over his body within a few days. He is presently on 2 months oral and topical cream treatment.

Odin's 2 potential adopter fell through when he got sick, so I have to continue handling all costs by myself. Just the vet costs have already totalled 8617 RMB (1012 euros). Without counting the kitten formula, bottles, supplements, homemade raw meals, litter sand, TNR-ing their mum, buying two separate cages... that has costed me at least 3850 RMB (494 euros) since March; if everything goes well, I will also need to take Odin to the vet for a blood check, vaccination and deworming in 2 weeks, and then booster and castration a month after that (1000 RMB = 128 euros).

I have received emergency donations from the dozens of people in China who have adopted my previous rescues and also people who I helped their sick cats transition to a species-appropriate diets (received 6155 RMB + 100 euros + 50 dollars). Without those donations, I would not have been able to save Odin for sure. Some of those donations came from other big rescuers who count their pennies for their own numerous rescues. Since he is back home, Odin also got donated fresh species-appropriate meals from Pawsome.

Now I am asking for help to help clear the rest of my bills so I can continue fostering and rescuing cats in need.

For transparency, you can find the detail of the vet expenses in Chinese currency on the pictures below. You are also welcome to visit my Instagram EthicalCats if you need for information or want to follow Odin's recovery and all the stories of my other rescues.